BJP’s mission ‘single digit’ on the roll

Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP has begun attempts to bring the Congress strength to a single digit in Gujarat. According to sources, under the BJP’s mission “single digit,” a former president of the Gujarat Congress is now preparing to join the BJP. However, they said the Congress president has requested a Rajya Sabha seat for himself and an assembly seat for his brother as a condition of joining the BJP. The talks have eventually cracked since his brother’s seat has not been confirmed. However, sources claim that this politician may still join the BJP when Rahul Gandhi’s “Bharat Jodo Nyay yatra” visits Gujarat.New faces from Gujarat in Rajya Sabha pollsOn February 27, elections will be held for four Rajya Sabha seats in Gujarat. In this election, all four seats are almost decided, with BJP candidates winning unchallenged. According to sources, the BJP plans to declare candidates for four seats on February 14. When Amit Shah visits Gujarat from February 12 to 14, the names of the four candidates may be announced. According to sources, the BJP may field a woman candidate for the Rajya Sabha. While one candidate is being discussed from outside the state. Two other new faces could be unveiled as Rajya Sabha candidates.BJP focuses on mission ‘gaon chalo’ Now that the Lok Sabha elections are approaching, the BJP has devised a new strategy to win 26 out of 26 Lok Sabha seats in Gujarat, completing a hat-trick of victories. This time around, the BJP is focusing more on rural to win all seats with a lead of more than five lakh. The “Gaon Chalo” began in Gujarat on February 10 and 11. The BJP officials, ministers, leaders, and the Chief Minister visited villages and spent the night there. During their stay, the BJP leaders informed the people about central and state government schemes. BJP claims that 29,165 workers and 27,535 convenors had visited 41 districts and metros during this campaign.Dilip Singh KshatriyaOur correspondent in

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