Talks continue to resolve AP employees’ issues, leaders seek assurance in writing

Vijayawada: The talks between leaders of government employees unions and associations and the AP government continued on Wednesday, under which the state government gave its consent to clear the pending dues of Rs 3,000 crore in three installments by March 31.

But the employees’ leaders sought an assurance in writing and said that once this is given, they would discuss cancellation of their phase-wise protests from March 9.

AP JAC Amaravati chairman Bopparaju Venkateswarlu said the government has promised to pay the dues in three phases. “We participated in the talks with Chief Secretary Jawahar Reddy and sought a summary of yesterday’s discussions in writing. If the minutes are not given, a decision will be taken tomorrow on agitation from March 10.”

Venkatewarlu quoted the government side as saying that the PRC dues and DA will be discussed on March 16. “If the minutes are given to us, the protests will be postponed till Thursday afternoon.”

“The weapon is in our hands. We are not falling into a trap of the government. We have nothing to do with MLC elections. Let’s not stray from our agenda,” he said.

The ministerial sub-committee announced that all dues will be paid by March 31. Government adviser on public affairs, Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy, said, “All the employees are a part of the government and we are always keen on discussing the welfare of the employees. The payments of about Rs 3,000 crore, the GPF dues of employees and all retirement gratuity and medical arrears would be cleared by March 31,” he said.

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