Speech and Hearing Impaired Six-Year-Old Abandoned at Hyderabad Railway Station

Hyderabad: A six-year-old girl speech and hearing impaired was reportedly abandoned by her parents at Platform No. 8 by her parents. A railway police official said that the child was found alone and crying at about 2 am. When police personnel tried to talk to her, they realised that she could not hear them or speak.She conveyed by sign language that she was abandoned and that she was hungry. “We took her to the police station and offered her water, food and a pair of clothes,” a woman railway police constable said. The girl went to sleep there. She was later shifted to the Ameerpet Sishu Vihar.Railway police circulated her photograph to the police and shared it in their network in an effort to identify her family. Police said they were going through CCTV camera footage to find her parents.

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