Raghuram Rajan-led panel cut Karnataka share of funds, says Amit Malviya

NEW DELHI: Amid protests by Karnataka against “discrimination” in fund disbursal by the Narendra Modi government, the BJP on Thursday claimed that a committee, headed by Raghuram Rajan as chairman in 2013, was instrumental in the southern state’s share reducing from 4.13% to 3.73%.“This was what the finance commission did. All this happened under the Congress-led UPA! The Congress govt of Karnataka is now essentially protesting their own government’s decision”, Amit Malviya-BJP IT head said in a post on ’X’. “This is nothing but sinister, divisive politics”. Tagging the copies of report, he said, “On 2nd September, 2013, report of the Committee for Evolving a Composite Development Index of States, chaired by Raghuram Rajan, suggested that Karnataka’s share should be reduced from 4.13% to 3.73%,which is what the finance commission did,” he said.

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