IndiGo Flight from Chennai to Mumbai gets bomb threat: Safety protocols enforced

Passengers on the flight were informed during the flight that safety and security clearances were pending. However, as one hour passed, the airport authority and security took the precautionary measure of sealing off the specific runway.An Aerodrome Rescue and Fire Fighting vehicle were brought to the front door of the aircraft, and passengers were deboarded on the runway. They were instructed to place their hand baggage in a sealed area on the runway and were then escorted to the terminal. Passengers were informed that a threat had been made from within the aircraft, and security procedures were being followed.The passengers were also told that security is checking the hand and checked-in baggages and only after the threat was cleared, they would be allowed to retrieve their luggage and leave. Later, passengers were taken to the runway to identify and collect their baggage before leaving.

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