Woman allegedly stabbed boyfriend to death and then showed his body in video-call to friend: report

IdahMANCHESTER, England – A serial killer-obsessed woman brutally murdered her boyfriend and “giggled” as she showed his dead body while video-calling a friend, a court in the United Kingdom heard.Shaye Groves, 27, is accused of killing Frankie Fitzgerald, 25, as he slept in a “crime of passion” at her home before bragging: “I’ve done him.”The mother-of-one, a true-crime fan who had pictures of serial killers such as Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer on her bedroom wall, allegedly knifed Fitzgerald in the neck and chest 22 times after flying into a jealous rage when she checked his phone and found he had been messaging a 13-year-old girl.Jurors at her trial at Winchester Crown Court heard how she was “obsessed” with Fitzgerald’s “performance in the bedroom,” according to the Daily Mail, with their sex life involving bondage, dominance, submission and masochism.LUCY LETBY TRIAL: FATHER TESTIFIES BABY GIRL WAS LEFT SEVERELY DISABLED AFTER NURSE TRIED TO KILL HER
An undated picture shows Shaye Groves who is on trial for the gruesome murder of her boyfriend in the U.K.
(Facebook/Shaye Groves)The court heard that the defendant “has many gangster books, like Charles Bronson, on her bookcase,” as well as pictures of serial killers, The Sun reported. Bronson has been described as Britain’s “most notorious prisoner.”Groves was described as a “manipulative, possessive and jealous woman” who left father-of-one Fitzgerald to die after stabbing him at her home in Havant, Hampshire, in July 2022.”The killing of Frankie Fitzgerald is very likely to be a crime of passion driven by her jealousy,” said prosecutor Steven Perian.Groves is said to have telephoned her friend Vikki Baitup afterward and told her: “I just lost it. I just lost it. I picked up my dagger and stabbed him in the neck.”Baitup then alerted police, telling a call handler that Groves had video-called her and shown her Fitzgerald’s body.BRIAN WALSHE CHARGED IN ANA WALSHE’S MURDER IN MASSACHUSETTSIn a police interview, Baitup said that when she initially received the call Groves was “giggling away” and spoke as if they were having a “very normal” conversation.But Groves then went upstairs into her bedroom and pointed the camera at Fitzgerald and told her: “I’ve done him.”Baitup initially thought it was a prank, the court heard, but Groves showed her Fitzgerald’s body – wrapped in a duvet and lying on bin bags – twice more and she saw an “enormous” gash on his throat.The jury was told Groves owned four “decorative” knives – with depictions of movie villains, including Chuckie, Jigsaw and Pennywise – which she and Fitzgerald used for “knife play” in her bedroom.
Fitzgerald was said to have been knifed in the chest and neck some 22 times by his girlfriend Shaye Groves.
(Facebook/Frankie Fitzgerald)It’s alleged she made a “false alibi” after killing her boyfriend, inspired by tips from true-crime documentaries, and then cleaned up afterwards, with police noticing an “incredibly strong” smell of bleach when they arrived at her home.Groves is said to have fabricated claims that her boyfriend had abused and raped her, and had previously threatened to make his life “a misery” by leaking videos of the pair, the court heard.ANA WALSHE MYSTERY RAISES QUESTIONS ABOUT MURDER CHARGES IN CASES WITH NO BODYBaitup told police that she suspected Groves got a “thrill” from the “abusive” sexual nature of her relationship with her boyfriend.The court heard that the couple, who’d allegedly begun using cocaine together in the months before the killing, had a camera set up in the bedroom which captured them having sex – with Groves using such recordings to blackmail lovers.
Shaye Groves is accused of killing Frankie Fitzgerald in a “crime of passion.”
(Facebook/Frankie Fitzgerald | Facebook/Shaye Groves)She’s said to have threatened one ex-boyfriend by showing a video of them having sex to his new girlfriend.Groves denies the murder, claiming she acted in self-defense.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Ian Leonard is a freelance journalist who reports on UK news for Fox News Digital. Ian has contributed articles to The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Sun, Daily Mirror, and many others. He’s also worked as a producer for BBC Radio 5 Live. He can be followed on Twitter @iancleonard 

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