Why can’t we treat a cricket match as just a match and not war!


Why can't we treat a cricket match as just a match and not war!

There are no platforms or forums through which harassed Kashmiris can even lodge a complaint. There are no helpline numbers. It is not just the lack of transparency and accountability but an abundance of communal slants that compound the situation. Though a large number of Kashmiri students study in the various universities and colleges of this country, they mostly keep to themselves and move about the campus in small groups. In recent years this situation has only worsened with reports of the right-wing brigades targeting and even openly abusing and thrashing the Kashmiri students on any given alibi.Young Kashmiris are more than upset with the manner in which their local leaders are projected by vested political dictates coming from New Delhi. They point out one instance after another when sections of the media portrayed them in bad and negative light. This hitting fact also stands out that the Kashmiri leaders – Hurriyat and of the various political parties – have been either arrested or detained or put under house arrest; with that, totally sidelined. Quite obviously these blatantly biased political moves do impact the young Kashmiris. Landmine deaths in the Kashmir region With fresh reports of landmine deaths taking place in the Kashmir region, it gets relevant to focus on landmines and their disastrous impact on the very survival of the human beings. About seven years back, a case study was conducted by Hope Disability Centre on a four-year-old child Fayaz Ahmad hailing from the Kashmir Valley’s Tosa Maidan. And during this, some shocking facts emerged : On May 19, Simran, a seven-year-old girl and her four-year-old brother, Fayaz, were playing outside their house with a bag full of soil, unaware that there was a littered shell in it. The shell exploded, killing Simran on the spot and blowing off both of Fayaz’s legs. On hearing the sound of explosion, the family members rushed out of their home and found Simran’s charred body parts scattered in a pool of blood, and Fayaz screaming with pain. Showing huge courage, Riyaz Ahmad, the children’s father, who is a shawl weaver with limited economic resources, immediately took his son to the city hospital for treatment where he was provided medical care.Fayaz was identified by the field workers of ‘Save the Children’ in June 2014 and was in July referred to a physical rehabilitation camp organised by Handicap International and Hope Disability Centre (HDC) in collaboration with Save the Children at Budgam. In May 2015, he was admitted to the hostel of Hope Disability Centre and provided with prosthesis. Though with that aid he could somehow walk about but quite obviously his childhood was dented with this major disability.It is not a question of one child but hundreds living in and around Valley’s Tosa Maidan. On the surface, it is a beautiful meadow in the Budgam district of Jammu and Kashmir but it is known as a deadly death trap because of unexploded shells and their residual material spread over the area. Perhaps, that’s why Tosa Maidan is also called the ‘Meadow of Death’. In fact, landmines are said to be also spread around the LOC in that region…The fact is that landmines in Jammu and Kashmir come into focus only when deaths occur! Otherwise who cares about these accidental deaths, the ongoing human tragedies! Views are personal

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