Teachers’ arrest: Bandi Sanjay slams KCR

HYDERABAD: BJP state president Bandi Sanjay Kumar rallied in support of teachers by demanding an unequivocal apology from Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao for the arrest of women teachers who had marched to Pragati Bhavan to call for the repeal of GO 317, while stating that this order had torn teachers’ families apart.

Sanjay told reporters that it was heart-rending to watch the police brutally drag away protesting women teachers into trucks, and even worse, snatching their children from them. “Families have been torn apart. The BJP will no longer tolerate such behaviour from the government. Would the Telangana movement endure without the participation of the teachers? If these teachers and other government employees hadn’t joined the strike during the statehood movement, the TRS would have been nowhere and KCR would not have become the Chief Minister,” he said.  

The BJP severely condemned the attack on teachers demanding that their local status be protected and the CM’s anti-employee decisions appear to be setting the way for one more Sakala Janula Samme, he added, referring to the government staff strike during the statehood agigation.

“The police need to realise that they are the government’s employees and its victims. Everyone must work together to protect the rights of employees, whether they are teachers, government employees, or police, in order to achieve the goals for which Telangana was formed,” he remarked.

Sanjay asserted that the BJP would discuss the teachers’ issue at the party state executive meeting on Tuesday. “It was the BJP which first held protests in support of the teachers after GO 317 was issued as it robbed them of their seniority through postings in their non-native districts,” he claimed.  

Sanjay said even top BJP leaders including party president J.P. Nadda and others made it clear that GO 317 must be scrapped. “The CM has said that the GO will be amended and some useless cosmetic changes were made. He should at least now hold district-wise meetings with teachers,” he said.

Bandi chargesheet

BJP state president Bandi Sanjay provided figures with relation to teachers and government staff
34 teachers died, or committed suicide after G.O 317 was enforced;
30,000 teachers posts vacant, 10,000 in gurukul schools;
No PRC, government staff losing on 4 DA instalments, hiked wages for 21 months lost;
No safety for people in state, even IAS officer working in CMO has no protection

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