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Chloe Trautman

The reality star gushed over her now-fiancé in an emotional Instagram post, where she announced that he’d asked her to marry him.

Wedding bells are in the air! Chloe Trautman announced that she got engaged to her boyfriend Chris Long about six months after going public with the entrepreneur in May. The 26-year-old Siesta Key star debuted her engagement ring in a series of photos on Thursday November 4. She revealed that Chris had popped the question while on a long hike in Utah’s Fairyland Trail in Bryce Canyon. “Yesterday I said YES to my soulmate in Fairyland,” she wrote.

Chloe posted three photos of the ring, which has a large green gem, and the gorgeous, sweeping canyon in the background. The first was simple shot of just her hand. The second photo was of her and Chris sharing a romantic kiss, and the final was a selfie of the two, while Chloe proudly showed off the ring. The pair were dressed in clothing appropriate for a long hike. Chloe was glowing after the engagement in her tie-dyed, blue, long-sleeve t-shirt and leggings. Chris sported a pair of joggers and a gray t-shirt with a wolf printed on it.
Of course, Chloe revealed just how Chris proposed in her caption. “Chris took us on an 8.2 mile loop trail that was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life -mentally and physically. The emotional release after finishing this hike was indescribable. As I was standing at the overlook reflecting over all the emotions I felt throughout this hike, I heard Chris say my name and I turned around and there he was down on one knee,” the Siesta Key star wrote. Of course, she also revealed that she said yes.

Chloe Trautman is a star of the reality show ‘Siesta Key.'(MTV)

The Siesta Key star proceeded to reflect on their relationship and how much she adores her future husband, and she’s in a “state of pure bliss” after saying yes. “I can’t believe I get to spend my life with my best friend,” she wrote. “LOVE is the most powerful force on the planet! When you lead with love anything is possible.” Chloe finished the post by speaking about how powerful love can be. “If I can send any message it’s to never stop falling in love with yourself, life, and your soulmate. Love is limitless, infinite, and always always always possible,” she wrote.

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