PM Modi speaks in Rajya Sabha in last session before Lok Sabha polls

“Mallikarjun Kharge ji spoke in Rajya Sabha for a long time and I was thinking about how he got the chance to speak for a long time and then I realised that two special commanders were not there so he took advantage of it and I think that Kharge ji must have heard that song ‘Aisa mauka phir kaha milega’…” During his adress he stated that the Congress party’s thoughts have become outdated. He added that the party will not be able to win more than 40 seats in the upcoming elections. He also accused Congress of creating division between the south and north. The PM also accused the Congress of not giving complete reservation to the OBCs, the poor, or the general category. “They are now preaching and teaching us the lesson of social justice. Those who have no guarantee as a leader are raising questions about Modi’s guarantee,” he added. “The Congress which did not consider Baba Saheb worthy of Bharat Ratna, kept giving Bharat Ratna only to its family,” the PM said.

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