Physical training to juvenile home inmates

Children living in the remand home in Dhanbad are being given physical training for getting them selected in the Indian Army. According to Juvenile Home Nodal Officer Colonel JK Singh, the imamates are being trained with an intention to help them get selected in the army recruitment drives. If they already have the physical training, then they will not need to work too hard for the selection process during the drives he said. The training, however, is not for free and the inmates will have to pay ‘Guru Dakshina’ in return by planting at least five trees, respecting their elders and using helmet while riding a bike. Terracotta temple on national importance listA terracotta temple located in Gumla district of Jharkhand has been identified for putting it on a list of monument of national importance. Union minister of culture G Kishan Reddy announced this on Monday in a written response to a query in the Lok Sabha. According to Reddy, one monument, namely the terracotta bricks temple at Doisa Nagar in district Gumla, has been identified for declaring it as a monument of national importance. He, however, cleared that Shahpur Fort, located outside Daltonganj, is not on the list of monuments of national importance. Congress infighting surfaces before cabinet expansionCongress’ infighting has surfaced over claim on ministerial posts ahead of the Cabinet expansion which is likely to take place on Wednesday. Disgruntled MLAs have started claiming for ministerial berths for them while those who were already there in the Cabinet are struggling hard to retain their positions. The foremost among them is Jamtara MLA Irfan Ansari and Umashakar Akela. According to Ansari, he has been MLA for two consecutive terms. Being a doctor, he eyes health ministry. Akela, citied his 45 years of political career, said that he has always talked about the rights of poor, dalits and women, Mukesh RanjanOur correspondent in

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