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The Last of Us star Pedro Pascal, 47, undoubtedly has a busy schedule. And now we know exactly how he stays awake for those long days on the sets of The Mandalorian! In a now viral fan video posted by @Alexafromspace via TikTok, the star paused to sign an action figure — and his coffee cup from Starbucks, complete with the order, was fully visible. Pedro, it turns out, left fans gob smacked with his high powered order of an iced quad espresso (venti) with six shots and extra ice. Coffee lovers know that’s a formidable amount of caffeine in one drink, but it didn’t stop the actor from appearing completely laid back as he chatted with fans.
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Daddy needs his coffee every morning to carry the entire world and a fandom over his shoulders #pedropascal #pedropascalstarbucks #starbucksdrinks #pedropascaledit #zaddy #fyp #espressotiktok
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In the original clip, he appeared to be cheerful as he visited and laughed while cradling the coffee. He wore a pair of stylish shades, a puffer coat, and a pair of jeans with black sneakers. The February 22 clip was captioned, “Met THE DADDY of the daddies 2 weeks ago and he was pure gold.” The 11 second follow up video, the fan clarified exactly what the order was while zooming in on a shot of the cup. “Daddy needs his coffee every morning to carry the entire world and a fandom over his shoulders,” they captioned the clip. The follow up video had 6.6 million views as of March 9.
Pedro Pascal (Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/Shutterstock )
Fans couldn’t resist flooding to the comments thread to react. “Our man is CAFFEINATED,” wrote one, while another quipped, “so if I survive drinking this do I become Pedro Pascal?” A third was more understanding, and remarked, “as a barista, I understand his kind.” “6 shots is crazy but then again I love crazy men,” joked a fourth.
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His affability is no surprise. In a 2019 interview with ELLE, the star actually admitted to taking over selfie duties when fans approach him. “I used to let them do it,” he laughed. “But after years of getting a close-up of the dirt under strangers’ fingernails, now I just take a quick selfie. People are asking less [these days]. I think they’re starting to read me correctly.”
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