No jobs for accused Shankar Mishra

The company put Shankar on ‘Admin leave pending inquiry’ on January 5, 2023, and the very next day, January 6, 2023, Wells Fargo issued a press statement that they are deeply disturbed by the allegations and terminating Shankar. “I believe in the judiciary, and this is a fight for justice and Shankar’s right to employment,” Shyamnaval Mishra said.Shankar’s father said that his son was exceptional at academics and began working while still in college to support his family, and worked his way up various auditors, article ships, and MNC banks.“He gradually climbed the ladder and ended up as Vice President of another MNC bank in Bangalore. Since he lost his job at Wells Fargo due to a baseless complaint filed and misreported in the media, Shankar has been under tremendous financial, emotional, and mental losses and trauma,” the father said.

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