No discrimination in disbursing disaster relief funds to non-BJP-ruled states: Nityanand Rai

The Minister also insisted that Rs 2,013 crore was still lying with the Tamil Nadu government under SDRF, which it is free to spend for flood relief.He said under the present government, an inter-ministerial central team is being dispatched even before a request from the state government comes.Rai said a total provision of Rs 33,581 crore was made in 2010-15 in the State Disaster Response Force. The amount has been increased to Rs 61,220 crore in next five years and to Rs 1,38,122 crore in 2021-26, which is 282 percent increase.The central government has given an additional Rs 1,98,173 crore to the National Disaster Response Fund between 2014-24, which is three times more than the previous decade, the Minister said.Rai said Rs 65,346 crore had been given by the central government as additional funds to the NDRF between 2004-14, while Rs 1,98173 crore has been given between 2014-24, which is three times more than the previous period.The Minister further insisted that the Centre had been working for a robust disaster mitigation initiative under which its aim is to ensure zero casualties of both life and properties.

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