‘NDA means no data available’: Tharoor tears into government

Under the current dispensation ‘G’ “stands for governmental intrusion and tax terrorism, ‘D’ for demographic betrayal and ‘P’ for poverty continuing,” he said while referring to the GDP.Tharoor added that a government under which a no-confidence motion is required to be moved before its leaders speak on vital issues including Manipur should refrain from claiming to be ‘the messiah of democracy, let alone its mother’.“Combined with the disregard for states …a skewed and centralising cooperative federalism, under which the states are meant to ‘co-operate’ but the Centre ‘operates’ as it pleases, the government has failed gravely on all the counts where it pats its own back,” Tharoor added.Democracy is suffering through this government’s ‘arrogant contempt’ for institutions, Tharoor said, citing the suspension of 146 MPs during the last session.

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