Mukarram Jah family to attend ziyarat ritual on Friday, plan succession

HYDERABAD: The family members of the titular Nizam VIII, Mir Berket Ali Khan Siddiqi Walashan Mukarram Jah Bahadur, will attend the ‘ziyarat’ rituals of the late prince on Friday evening at Macca Masjid.

M.A. Faiz Khan, a member of the Paigah family said that Azmet Jah will assume charge of the numerous trusts and estates of the HEH — Nizam’s family trust, jewellery trust, religious trust and charity trust, among others.

A trustee of HEH The Nizam Trust, said: “The official declaration of the successor of the Nizam will be pronounced on an official note soon. As per the desire of late prince Mukarram Jah, the successor will be Prince Azmet Jah. The family is in state of mourning for the moment.”

Azmet Jah is the son of Mukarram Jah and Esra Jah. The coronation is likely to be a glittery affair, on the lines of Nizam VIII’s coronation at Chowmahalla Palace in 1967.

However, the coronation will be purely ceremonial as Article 363A of the Indian Constitution, through its 26th amendment in 1971, derecognised rulers.

Nawab Mir Shafath Ali Khan, a son of Prince Saadath Jah Bahadur, said, “Even though the princely state does not exist, the people of Hyderabad, especially the old-timers, will be excited to witness the grand ceremony. It will be written in the history books for the future generations.”

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