Measures mooted for wild buffalo protection

The rising population of wild water buffalo poses several challenges including heightened human-animal conflict, interbreeding and genetic dilution and experts say science-based measures are required for the conservation of the animal. To deliberate on the issues involving wild water buffalo, a technical seminar was held at the Kaziranga National Park & Tiger Reserve recently for youth and communities. The experts recommended effective protection and management of the protected areas, strict monitoring against poaching, population monitoring, removal of invasive weeds, check on encroachment.All’s not well in Assam Opposition allianceAll is not well with Assam’s 15-party opposition alliance ‘United Opposition Forum Assam’ which was formed to stop the BJP’s juggernaut. For Lok Sabha elections, Congress feels it will not get TMC on board. “West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said it time and again that TMC will not give even one seat to Congress to contest. “If there is no alliance in a place where TMC is strong, I don’t think there could be an alliance in other places,” Assam Congress chief Bhupen Kumar Borah said. Differences cropped up between Congress and AAP on the issue of seat-sharing arrangement. Stop buffalo fights: Court on PETA pleaBased on a petition filed by PETA India, the Gauhati High Court issued directions to stop buffalo fights in Assam. The court observed the buffalo fights, held in the state after January 25, as prima facie illegal as they were in violation of the standard operating procedures (SOPs) issued by the state government. While the proceedings in relation to PETA India’s plea for the state’s decision to allow such events to be deemed unconstitutional are to be decided, the court ordered strict enforcement of the government SOPs in the interim. The court directed the state to file an action taken report by February 6. Prasanta MazumdarOur correspondent in

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