Love stories to make your Valentine’s Day more romantic

It’s the Valentine’s week and most of us are out and about making plans to ensure that our partner feels special. Bouquet of roses is sorted, dinner date at favourite restaurant is booked and the gift is also packed. But if you are looking to do something different then here are some amazing audio stories by popular storytellers. Both of you can listen it together or at your homes and feel the love of timeless love stories. Love in GoaNeelesh Misra needs no introduction and his stories are extremely popular with the listeners. This one is written by Jamshed Qamar Siddiqui, a writer from his mandali. It is the story of young, shy and almost broke Anoop who takes a liking to Manjari, a smart, young woman working in his office. As the colleagues plan a trip to Goa, Anoop somehow manages to scrape through the expenses as he wanted to be with Manjari. But, does Manjari also has similar thoughts? Or will destiny give a new direction to Anoop’s love?The Valentine GirlIt is a story by India’s favourite storyteller, Sudhanshu Rai. A famous artist, Ranvijay Shikhawat is living the dream life as his paintings are popular and he has a huge fan base. However, the next painting that he works on is the elusive painting of a girl who comes in his dreams. It took many months to finish the painting, even at the cost of his own mental health. However, once the painting is finished he now starts looking for the girl in the painting, The Valentine Girl. This drives him to lunacy, but is he right that the girl does exist? Find out in this story of love and longing.Baarish Purani Kahani where she highlights the works of Saadat Hassan Manto, an Urdu literary genius. Rain is anyway associated with romance, and this story highlights how a man falls in love with a woman in this rain. But he is made to feel dirty about his own feelings and how this love story ends is what makes it a true love story. Do listen to the story and feel the love vibes and how love in old days was more about pining and longing.Monsoon Ka PyarThis audio story is by Alka Thhakur as part of her series Prem Kahaniyaa. It is the story of Rama and Nikhil, a new age couple who got married but still waiting for love in their marriage. The two have opposite personalities where Nikhil is responsible and introvert whereas Rama is an extrovert, loves dancing and is a happy go lucky girl. But will they finally find the love they long for. Or will they simply keep on ignoring the love signs because of their opposite nature. This one is for the married couples who wish to add some mushy romance in their marriage.Kash Tum HotiMahesh Chaudhary has won hearts of many listeners making this one a modern love story that is popular amongst youngsters. It is the story of an ambitious boy who met a girl on Facebook. The two started chatting and this continued. As the story progresses their relationship grows, but only virtually. Will this love story have a happy ending, or become an eternal love story where the two never meet. This sad story will make you value the love in your life.

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