Kishan slams KCR after Khammam BRS meeting

HYDERABAD: The Bharatiya Janata Party slammed Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao, and the BRS party meeting at Khammam calling him out – along with leaders and chief ministers of other states – for revealing a single-point agenda, that of berating India, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Union Minister G. Kishan Reddy, speaking to the media in New Delhi, dismissed the BRS meeting as an exercise in daydreaming.

He said Chandrashekar Rao’s claims over the country losing direction, his belittling the country’s ‘Make in India’ success story as ‘joke in India’, demonstrate that “it has become KCR’s habit to insult India, our defence forces, our institutions, our successes and achievements. We have repeatedly said that he can criticize the BJP politically. Since he cannot take on the BJP in this manner, he takes to insulting the country, compares it with Pakistan and Sri Lanka.”

Kishan Reddy said, “If anyone in India has lost direction, it is KCR. He never went to the office in nine years, did not meet people, and runs an autocratic, dictatorial and corrupt government. He has done everything he can to kill the spirit of democracy in Telangana. He speaking about the country’s direction is like the devil quoting the scriptures.”

The senior BJP leader took the Telangana chief minister to task, particularly on how he sought to ridicule the Make in India programme of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and called it ‘joke in India’. He said when Covid hit, India rose to the challenge of manufacturing vaccines, ventilators, oxygen concentrators, masks and PPE kits, and saved countless lives. All of these were indigenous. And then there is the rise in exports, be it in defence products or other sectors. The country is seeing Vande Bharat trains that are comparable to the best in the world, and these trains are designed and made in India.

Kishan Reddy pointed out that none of the other leaders on the dais in Khammam spoke about BRS but the agenda was to attack India and Prime
Minister Narendra Modi. This shows the true agenda of the BRS and those other leaders. KCR is dreaming that he can sit in the PM’s seat without realising that the people of Telangana are all set to remove him from the CM’s seat. He talks about privatization without realizing that the privatisation Air India was to prevent losses to the public exchequer as the company was losing Rs 800 crore a month.

“It was given to the Tatas from whom it was taken in the past. The CM who did not keep his promise of a steel plant in Bayyaram, or reopening of Nizam Sugar Factor talks like this. His is the only government in the country that does not pay salaries to staff on time. He is broke in Telangana after the Kalvakuntla family looted the state. He now wants to loot the nation,” Kishan Reddy said.

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