KCR planting BRS leaders into other parties to create chaos: Etala

WARANGAL: Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao is planting BRS leaders into other parties to create internal rifts therein and gain mileage from this, Huzurabad BJP MLA Etala Rajendar has alleged.

“We are identifying such leaders in BJP,” the former health minister said at a media meet in Warangal on Thursday.

“In the Khammam meeting, KCR tried to fool the people once again by telling lies in front of other chief ministers. He said the central government was privatising PSUs. It is KCR who is privatising many sectors in Telangana,” he said.

“By introducing more than 3,000 private buses, KCR is trying to privatize the RTC. Why did he not open the Azamzahi mills and the Nizam Sugar factory,” he asked.

“What happened to his promise of making a dalit leader the chief minister? Why did KCR not distribute three acres of land to poor dalit families? Why is it that there is not a single dalit officer in the CM’s office? Is this the dalit empowerment KCR wants to effect in the state,” Etala asked.

Etala posed the question, “What kind of a culture is the chief minister boasting about?”

“Many women are becoming widows. They lost their husbands due to liquor consumption. The state government is earning more than Rs 45,000 crore a year by encouraging liquor consumption,” the former health minister said.

He said, “Before the Telangana state was formed, debts of Rs 74,000 crore were on record, but after the formation of the separate state, under KCR, this rose to Rs 5 lakh crore. By introducing private universities, KCR is trying to dissolve the government education sector. Does he want to extend this culture to the nation from here?”

“In BJP, one autowala and a chaiwala became the chief ministers. In the BRS party, who rules the state now and who all are going to rule the nation? Does KCR want to hand over the entire nation to his family members,” the BJP MLA asked.

He added, “Wherever KCR goes, he will make false promises. In 2015, during his visit to Warangal, he laid the foundation stone for a set of double-bedroom houses but did not distribute even a single house to the shelterless poor till date. KCR is daydreaming to rule the nation, but his dream will never be fulfilled.”

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