I binge-watched all the Commando films before doing Crakk: Actor Amy Jackson

In the film, Amy will be doing a lot of action and has undergone rigorous training. Along with that, she had to make sure that she matched up with Vidyut and Arjun’s energy. Further, Amy talks about how much Vidyut inspires her. “I had always wanted to work with him,” she says. “When I was doing the research for Crakk, I checked his earlier films. I binge-watched all the Commando films which I massively enjoyed. It prepared me on what to expect on the sets of Crakk,” she adds.According to Amy, in all the hustle and bustle of an action film set, it was Vidyut, who brought a sense of calm. She reflects on the conversations that happened in between shots. “Vidyut used to tell me how he goes to the Himalayas every year and immerses himself in the snow,” says Amy. “We were talking about bio-hacking and health. During the waiting time on set, I would constantly ask him questions and hear his stories.”Amy became a mother in 2019 when she gave birth to a boy just months before the Covid-19 lockdown. She revealed that the lockdown proved to be good for her as she got to spend time with her son. “Having a newborn and being guilt-free to not travel the world for work was just extraordinary. He was with me continuously, which was beautiful,” she says, and then adds, “Now I try to balance work and family to the best of my ability and it’s difficult. So, having that precious time during the lockdown was incredible.”She also took her son on the sets of the Arun Vijay-starrer, Mission: Chapter 1, in which she once again got to work with director Vijay. On bringing her son to the workplace, Amy says, “I wanted him to see how his mom is working. At the same time, I wanted him to see this cool industry. I have been giving him that opportunity which I never had at that age. It is something that I can offer him.”

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