Congress president Sonia Gandhi greets people on Diwali-


Sonia Gandhi at CWC-


NEW DELHI: Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Thursday extended Diwali wishes to the people of the country and emphasised the message of dispelling darkness through love and cooperation.

In a statement, Gandhi said, “I pray to God that this festival of lights brings happiness, prosperity and opportunities of progress and development to every family in India.”

“Deepawali gives us the message that no matter how dense the darkness is, the light of a lamp is enough to dispel that darkness,” she said.

That is why it is imperative that the glow of this lamp of hope is kept illuminated in people’s hearts, she said.

“The string of lamps on Deepawali makes us realise that all of us in the country can illuminate each other’s lives with love and cohesion, and with mutual cooperation, we can dispel the densest of darkness,” the Congress chief said.

She called for taking a pledge that people with different languages, religions and creed celebrate this festival of happiness together and light the lamp of hope that removes the darkness.

In a tweet in Hindi, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi said the lamp gives light to everyone without any discrimination and this is the message of Diwali.

“Celebrate Diwali with your loved ones, may it connect everyone’s hearts,” he said.

The Congress, from its official handle, tweeted, “This Diwali, lets spread love & positivity, lets strive for peace & prosperity. #HappyDiwali to all dear Indians.”

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