Chile’s ex-president Pinera dies in helicopter crash, aged 74

Troubled second termIn 2010, the Harvard-educated economist convinced the electorate that his personal success in business could be transferred to the benefit of society.He managed to bring back to power a revamped right wing that had rid itself of the baggage of being associated with Augusto Pinochet’s 1973-1990 dictatorship.”He will have all the honors and recognition that he deserves,” said Interior Minister Carolina Toha, of Boric’s leftist government.During his first mandate, he led the country’s reconstruction efforts after a powerful earthquake and tsunami in 2010, and oversaw the successful rescue of 33 miners trapped in the Atacama Desert.His second term, however, was fraught with trouble, as rising discontent over Chile’s deep-rooted social inequality exploded into protests that started after a rise in metro fares.A rich businessman seen as the embodiment of the country’s injustices, Pinera’s martial tone and early decision to deploy the military proved disastrous and failed to quell the growing demonstrations, accompanied by violence and looting.Protesters demanded a change to an economic model in which healthcare, education and pensions were privately run and there was a massive gulf between rich and poor.

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