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You never know what tomorrow will bring. Carrie Bradshaw goes out on a limb and reaches out to ex-fiance Aidan Shaw in the And Just Like That season 2 trailer. She writes in her email to him that she’s been wondering how he’s been doing in the past decade. It doesn’t take long for these former flames to get together and catch up on the last 10 years.
Sarah Jessica Parker and John Corbett as Carrie and Aidan. (Max)
“Sitting here with you, it’s like 10 years just…” Aidan says to Carrie before snapping his fingers. They share a laugh on their dinner date. The last time these two crossed paths was in Abu Dhabi where they shared a passionate kiss. For all the Team Aidan shippers out there, the chemistry is still alive and well between these two!
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Meanwhile, Miranda is wondering if she’s doing something “really stupid or totally liberating” with new love Che. The honeymoon phase appears to be ending for these two. “I don’t know who you are,” Miranda says to Che. “Is there something you’re not telling me?” At one point in the trailer, Miranda appears to be back home in Brooklyn.
In a shocking turn of events, Charlotte York-Goldenblatt gets wasted after taking shots. Harry, Lily, and Rock are stunned when Charlotte stumbles home drunk!
Cynthia Nixon as Miranda. (Max)
The 11-episode second season of And Just Like That will premiere June 22 on Max. The premiere will feature 2 brand-new episodes, with the following 9 episodes debuting weekly on Thursdays.
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The day before the season 2 trailer reveal, fans learned that Kim Cattrall would be reprising her role as Samantha Jones in the season 2 finale. Kim, who had previously said she would not return for the revival, filmed a scene back in March 2023. She shot her scene without seeing or speaking to her co-stars, including Sarah Jessica Parker. In season 1, Samantha was referenced several times amongst the characters and shared texts with Carrie. They later met up offscreen after Carrie spread Big’s ashes in Paris.
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