Advocate in Pakistan challenges ‘illegal’ fuel price hike in Lahore court-


Arunachal Pradesh reduces VAT on petrol, diesel by 5.5 per cent-


ISLAMABAD: An advocate from Pakistan’s Lahore on Saturday challenged the federal government’s recent hike in petrol prices in the High Court and called it “illegal”.

The increase in fuel prices was never approved by the cabinet which makes it unconstitutional, Samaa TV reported citing the petition.

“The government, in order to revive the International Monetary Fund programme, increased the rates of petroleum products in the wee hours of November 4.”

On the basis of the tax rate, cost of import parity, and exchange rate, the prices of petrol and diesel were increased by Rs 8.03 and Rs 8.14, respectively, Samaa TV reported citing Advocate Siddique.

This came after the Imran Khan government on Thursday increased the petrol price by Rs 8 taking it to Rs 145.82 per litre.

The petitioner also argued that the price hike will affect people from the middle and lower-income classes the most, Samaa TV reported.

“In Pakistan, petrol is used mostly in cars and motorbikes. Diesel is used in the agriculture and transport sectors. Consumers in remote areas use Kerosene for cooking purposes where Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) is not available. LDO is being used in the industrial sector,” the petition said.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan government is also charging a 17 per cent general sales tax on all petroleum products.

Siddique added that the state is responsible for protecting the lives of the citizens under Articles 4,5, 9, 14, and 25 of the Constitution that revolves around the “right of life”.

“It is like a chain process begins with the right to life and continues till the basic rights are enforced and protected. If this chain breaks at the very beginning due to the non-availability of the right of life to the citizens, then the chain process stops immediately and life cannot move any further,” the petition stated as reported by Samaa TV.

The hike in fuel prices was followed by Imran Khan’s announcement of a ‘relief package’ in the country.

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