315 Muslim families fled from Banbhoolpura in Haldwani after recent violence

According to police sources, on Saturday, several people from the Banbhoolpura area were taken into custody for questioning. Allegations have been made that the police also resorted to violence to crackdown on protests against the demolition. Fearing an extended curfew and the police, the families belonging to Muslim community have rapidly fled the area in recent days.On Sunday morning, families were seen walking with their belongings on Bareilly Road. Due to the lack of transportation facilities, people were forced to walk 15 kilometers to reach Lal Kuan, from where they caught trains to various cities in Uttar Pradesh.The district administration distributed a substantial quantity of essential items, including fruits, vegetables, milk, and gas, in the curfew-affected Banbhoolpura area on Monday morning.This daily spoke to Mohammad Furkan who said, “I work as an electrician in Haldwani. After the disturbance in Banbhulpura, the strictness of the police has increased. They are harassing innocent people and out of fear they are fleeing to Bareilly to stay with relatives”. He said that due to lack of transport facilities, he is forced to go on foot.Salman Khan, another resident of Banbhoolpura area told that he is going to Baheri with three children. He said he would stay with his relatives there.

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