Bumble dating guide for Hyderabadis


For a city that runs high octave all the time, traffic can sometimes be excruciatingly slow. While long drives can be a great date option, as revealed in Bumble’s recent study that found 40% of Indian GenZ respondents prefer going on long drives for dates. However, being stuck in traffic can be a mood kill as it isn’t the most comfortable environment to be in every other day. But, there can always be a silver lining in challenging situations! So the next time you’re sandwiched in traffic, seize the opportunity to get to know your date better! Or better still date on the go and make it a memorable one! In Bumble’s Love-On-The-Road Guide Ruchi Ruuh, Relationship Expert at Bumble shares quick tips on how to beat traffic blues and date on the go: ● Car picnics can be fun. Why wait to reach your destination for the date to begin? Fix plans to travel together, and you can use that time to better understand each other. You can even get creative, grab some on-the-go-snacks and turn it into a mini car picnic! ● Car-aoke: You can switch up the mood while stuck in traffic and switch it up into a karaoke sesh. Simply turn up the radio or plug in your playlist and sing along to some of your favourite chart busters together. It can also be a great way to introduce them to your favourite music! ● It’s game time: Challenge them to a fun game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ or play Bumble’s Question Game while you’re stuck in traffic. It’s a great way to break the ice. If you’re both separately stuck in traffic – Voice Call (hands free of course!) or Video Chat on Bumble and engage them in a quick round of ‘Would You Rather’. ● Switch up your Bumble dating profile: Being stuck in traffic need not always be a boring thing to endure! You can use this time to jazz up your Bumble profile–add or replace new photos from your latest vacation or add some interesting anecdotes to set yourself apart from other daters. If you like to cook, what’s your favourite dish to make? Where can you be found on a Sunday? If you have a dog, what’s their name? Work these details in to create a more colourful narrative of what you’re actually like! ● Deep Chats: Pick an interesting topic that you both can discuss as you get to know each other better. Share your perspectives with each other as you navigate traffic jams. ● Plan ahead: If this isn’t your first date, use this time to plan your next date or a getaway. Make a list of all the experiences and things you want to try together like hiking, concerts, a new cafe or even a stand-up show and make plans.


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