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The last thing Mariana expected was for Silas to be waiting in her room when she got home in the final moments of the Good Trouble finale. Given what we know about Silas, things aren’t looking good for Mariana. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Cierra Ramirez about ending season 5A on that type of a cliffhanger.
“When I first got the script for this finale I audibly gasped. It was not what I was expecting at all,” Cierra said. “It’s interesting. This season with Mariana has been really emotionally challenging for me. It’s such a fun world to kind of jump into, but living with Mariana for the past 10 years, it makes so much sense why, having been through everything she’s gone through, she’s now experiencing this anxiety. She pushes stuff down, and it’s all kind of boiling up. You’ve seen how she compartmentalizes and tries to please everyone, and she hasn’t been paying attention to her feelings. I can’t wait for people to see what happens next because she’s already been going through it and that’s the last thing she needs.”
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Cierra Ramirez as Mariana. (Freeform)
Cierra is well aware of what happens next, but she’s staying tight-lipped due to spoilers. “I think that fans are going to be on the edge of their seats,” she teased before adding, “It will be interesting to see how this encounter continues and how it leaves Mariana.”
The beginning of the season started off with Evan getting shot after going to the Farm to make sure Mariana was okay. Evan survived but remained in a coma for some time. When he woke up, he didn’t remember Mariana. In the season 5A finale, Evan returned to work at Speckulate and gave no indication that he remembered anything about his past with Mariana. HollywoodLife asked Cierra if Mariana has truly processed a world in which Evan doesn’t get his memory back.
“I think that’s what her issue is this season. She’s not really thinking or letting it settle the idea of what would actually happen to her,” Cierra said. “She has a lot of hope for the future and feeling horrible about what happened to Evan and knowing that it was her fault the reason why he was put in this situation, so she wants to help him at Speckulate. She has all this hope that he’s going to remember. She’s kind of living in this La La Land, which is why she’s pushing down all of these emotions, and she is going to break. It is a scary thought. I’ve loved the evolution of Mariana. It hurts me to see him not remember her, and I’m sure a lot of the fans as well. I don’t think it’s ever crossed her mind. I think she really does believe that he’s going to remember her. But as time goes on, we’ll see how that progresses, the more time passes, the more he’s not remembering her, I think she’s going to have to finally settle with the idea that it could never happen.”
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T.J. Linnard as Evan. (Freeform)
During the episode, Mariana and Joaquin nearly kiss, but it ultimately doesn’t happen. Soon after, Mariana bolts and races back to the Coterie. “Mariana is just a whole hot mess right now. I think that nothing has been really going the way that she’s planned, and there’s been a lot of pressure on her,” Cierra admitted. “She has this big need of wanting to be needed by everyone. Needed by Evan at Speckulate, needed with Joaquin to help him with finding Madison. I think that dodging that kiss or him dodging that kiss might have really been like the cherry on top of what broke her, feeling rejected and feeling like she’s just not in control of anything.”
On the bright side, Callie and Jamie did get engaged earlier in the season. Could a Good Trouble wedding be on the horizon? “Oh my goodness, I hope so,” Cierra told HollywoodLife. “No matter what, I hope Mariana gets to plan a bachelorette, right? You know she’s got her hands all over that. I’ve been Team Jallie from the beginning.”
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