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Madison LeCroy opened up about her alleged DMs from Alex Rodriguez back in 2020 in a new episode of the Pillows And Beer podcast on Thursday, May 18. The Southern Charm star, 32, claimed that A-Rod, 47, seemed like he was looking for a “side chick” while he was engaged to Jennifer Lopez, 53. Madison revealed that she was shocked when she first heard from the former MLB player.
Madison said that A-Rod had sent her a message asking whether or not there were any gyms open during the COVID-19 pandemic. She revealed that she had told the podcast’s host, Austen Kroll, with who she had just broken up, to respond to him for her. “I’m being f**king catfished. There’s no way the dude who’s dating J.Lo is not in my DMs right now,” she said was her initial reaction.
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Madison claimed that she had asked A-Rod to set her up with a friend. (Gregory Pace/Shutterstock / Shutterstock)
Madison later said that she called out Alex in the DMs, after Austen explained that he had FaceTimed her multiple times a day. “I said if you’re looking for a side chick, which clearly he was, it wasn’t going to be me,” she recalled. “I’m wifey material.”
Austen and Madison both said that she decided to “call his bluff” and ask the former MLB star to set her up with a friend. Even though Austen said that he said he would, he never did. “He was like, ‘What are you looking for?’ I was like, ‘A kind, family-oriented,’ like I mean, all the things that he wasn’t clearly, and that was the end of that,” she said.
After the podcast was released, a rep for Alex denied Madison’s claims in a statement to Page Six. “Her 15 minutes of fame are up, and she is trying to get a 16th minute. Please stop wasting everyone’s time with these false narratives. They were false two years ago and continue to be false,” they said.
Rumors about Alex and Madison first made headlines in March 2021, when Danni Baird, one of her Southern Charm co-stars, detailed claims about the reality star exchanging messages with the former Yankees ballplayer. After A-Rod and J.Lo split up in 2021, Madison said that she “wish[ed] them the best” in a statement to Page Six. 
After Jennifer and her now-husband Ben Affleck reunited, Madison admitted that she played no part in the singer and A-Rod’s breakup. “I had nothing to do with why they split, and I think everybody knows that. And if you don’t know that, then that’s just ridiculous, like, let’s be honest,” she told Us Weekly. 
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