Rakhi Sawant and husband lash out at AAP leader, threaten legal action


The irrepressible Rakhi Sawant is up in arms against AAP politician Raghav Chadha for comparing her to Navjot Singh Sidhu.Rakhi, discernibly distressed , says, “What does he mean by saying Sidhuji is the the Rakhi Sawant of politics? My husband Ritesh is very angry by this comment. As it is I am very distressed by my mother’s health. In spite of multiple surgeries and chemotherapy, thanks to Salman Khan and Priya Dutt, my mother is still very unwell. Watching her suffer is unbearable to me. Sometimes I feel she should just be relieved of all the pain. You can’t imagine how difficult it is for me to watch her suffer like this. On top of that, I now have supposedly educated politicians using my name in a derogatory way. Talk to my husband. He is right here.”


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