Shooting resumes in Bollywood with bubbles, vaccination and Covid security officers


Ram nods. She says that film sets now have a rulebook for guidelines that they constantly follow, with a whole lot of checks and balances just to ensure that sets don’t become superspreaders.What is being done now is that for every shoot, teams are being recognized. The ‘hotset’ includes actors, who cannot wear masks all the time, because their work doesn’t allow them to. So, they become the priority group that needs to be protected. There are other crew members who are in close proximity to them at most times. And so, each one of them is isolated and made to stay in bio bubbles until the shoot is complete. Covid safety officers are also employed on the sets. Besides this, production houses, like YRF films, are also taking the initiative to get their entire workforce vaccinated.But Gupta says that traditional cleaning methods can’t be employed on film sets. “You need a dry way of sanitizing that can be effective, because of the electrical equipment.” Not just that, the method needs to be efficient and portable.Gupta adds that his company has had to maintain a database just to ensure that people don’t contract the virus while they are away from the sets. “We also had to explain to the unorganised workforce that you can’t come to the sets if you have any symptoms. You’ll make the money for that day, but it’ll be harmful for everyone in the long run.” Imbibing a culture of sanitation in people is a task in itself.Ram agrees, “It’s better to be cautious and follow certain protocols, rather than jeopardizing everybody’s safety, or stopping the shoot that might turn out to be more expensive.” And so, in addition to a ton of daily tests and nose and throat swabs, the crew also ensures that they stay safe when they step out of their bio bubble.


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